Healthier staff and reduced injury rates after fundraising for cancer.

By United Industries  •  Dec 18, 2018

The team at Akarana Timber, and the wider United Industries Limited group talk about raising the awareness of cancer as part of a Health and Safety strategy, and how this has successfully brought employees together as a team. They have got behind Daffodil Day and are using the fundraising activity 'Brave the Shave' to raise awareness and get people talking.


The man pointed to his head, telling Ben Hammond that if he hadn't shaved his head to help raise funds for cancer, he would not have discovered that he had cancer himself.

Hammond, now group health & safety manager for United Industries Limited (UIL), was then working for a different employer and had organised a head-shaving challenge to raise funds for the Cancer Society.

He admits to being shaken when one of the staff involved went for a routine check – and discovered he had cancer of the skull: "He told me that, if he hadn't shaved his head, they wouldn't have found it early."


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