Akarana Timbers help Hato Petera

By United Industries  •  Dec 18, 2018

Recently Akarana Timbers dropped off a couple loads of furniture at Hato Petera. Michaela, Harsha Guntakala & Harold Petera from Akarana Timbers came along to help with the heavy lifting of the beds and tables etc.

On the way over to Northcote, Harold Petera was telling us about himself, how he is from Kaitaia and how Dr Lance O’Sullivan had treated his sister for a serious bacteria skin infection which I understand was part of the UIL funded health work arranged through Carolyne. Harold spoke about the extent of poverty, drug addiction and welfare dependency in the far north along with the lack of opportunities, but how moving to Auckland and having a job at Akarana Timbers has changed his life.

When I asked Harold what the people of Kaitaia think of Lance he simply said “He’s truth - he does what he says he is going to do, he’s about the people”. I thought that was some quality feedback and maybe not a bad political strategy either…

Lance is grateful for the furniture, all the equipment and tools provided by Akarana Timbers for the first of many working bees. This weekend the first 20 boys and extended families are coming down from Kaitaia for the weekend to fix the place up. So Michaela the beds will be put to good use.

Lance is also grateful for all the work arranging repairs in getting the hostel ready for the start of the school year 2019.

Helping Hato Petera

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